What is Love?

Lately, I have wondered if people really know what love is. Whether i’m looking at social media post, reading books, newspaper articles, magazines, listening to people in restaurants, or seeing things with my own eyes, make me wonder if we really know what love is.

Love is deep affection, intense feelings, caring and giving, having someone’s best interest and wellbeing as a priority in you life. Have you ever falling in love with someone, broke up and your completely devastated, thinking your world is ending, only to realize down the road when you meet someone else that you really didn’t love that person the way you thought you did.

Love isn’t a feeling we have in our heart, but how we act towards others. In the Bible, love did not start out as a romantic love, but a parental love. When a child is born, parents cradle that child in their arms, vowing to cherish, care for, protect and love that child. Love isn’t just about something we have in our hearts but what we can and will do for the other person. It’s showing the other person we care and love them.

I don’t understand why we continue to put life’s situations out for the world to see on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. When you complaining about your spouse, children, relatives, your job, think about how the other person will feel when they see how your complaining or upset with them. Instead take that anger and remember the reasons you love this person. The acts of love this person has for you.

Take some time today, show the person you love, how much you REALLY LOVE them. Hug your spouse for no reason, make the families favorite meal, take your children on a picnic. Take the time to show the loved ones around you how love them. It doesn’t take much to put a smile on a persons face. Love them, cherish them, and start acting in love.


I’m a southern woman with big dreams, but, I’m just not great at achieving them. I’m a emotional woman that takes everything to heart. I forgive easily, but will never forget. I’m a people pleaser. I’m a lover not a fighter. My two boys are my first priority over myself.

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